Fortunée Shugar — Envisioning the World Through Art

About the Artist

Fortunée brings to her art a life full of adventure and passion. Searching for relationships in colour and spontaneous expression in her interpretation of the world, Fortunée’s work is emotional and textured. She paints what she envisions and feels in her relationship with the world around her. Often there are strong narrative elements stemming from deeply felt personal beliefs and/or memories. In her semi-realistic, or abstract expressionism, Fortunée portrays and expresses human desires, hopes, passion and things ephemeral. The achievement of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree while raising a family, has inspired her to grow in new directions and explore her artistic muse with great inventiveness and determination. Motivation, self-discipline, inquisitiveness and life experience have propelled her to search for novel ways to express her creativity.

“My husband and I now live in the small town of Dundas, Ontario. I love it here. I love the vistas of unrestricted wide open spaces of country living, the wind whispering between the leaves of the trees, the delightful songs of the many varieties of birds in my backyard, even the chatter of the squirrels on the branches surrounding my home.”

Fortunée Shugar Fine Art & Jewelry Design


Ottawa Art Gallery
(Ottawa, Ontario)

Sybil Frank Gallery
(Wellington, Prince Edward County, Ontario)

King Street Gallery
(Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario)

Wow Gallery
(Gibson’s, British Columbia)

Objects to Desire
(Grimsby, Ontario)